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“… harpist Olja Kaiser, undoubtedly
an empress / “Kaiserin” in her field, with Debussy’s “Deux Danses”. Saarbrücker Zeitung

“… harpist Olja Kaiser shines at the “Musiksommer” festival in the Vogelsangkirche. “
Aachener Zeitung

“… Olja Kaiser replaced an entire orchestra in Peter Tchaikovsky’s ” Eugene Onegin Fantasy”, in which the musician excellently captured the lightness of dancing.”
Gießener Anzeiger

“… beautiful harp sounds, gentle and melodic…”
Siegener Zeitung

“… Glittering garlands of sound … evoke enchanting sounds. The audience experienced a virtuoso, extremely sonorous program … The immense wealth of this music inspired the audience again and again … powerful sound cascades, glittering sound garlands up to intimate poetry and on the other hand again brilliant virtuoso music. A really exciting concert…”
Ostsee Zeitung

“… Olja Kaiser on the harp with her nobel, filigree sound is unique”.

“… exhilarating harp playing…”
Siegener Zeitung

“… a marvelous evening …”
Frankfurt New Press

“… Olja Kaiser impressed…
The soloist had a lot to offer on her concert harp with seven pedals. With this guest performance, Olja Kaiser presented herself as a very complete artistic personality. The applause from the listeners documented how much it was very well received by music lovers…”
Aachener Zeitung

“… Olja Kaiser played powerfully and smoothly, gently melodious to rapidly percussive ..”
Grafschafter Nachrichten

“… Going to the heart…
The worldwide number of good harpists is very limited, Olja Kaier is one of them. Prized with many international awards, she is one of the sought-after representatives of her field … “
Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitung

“… magical harp sounds played masterfully… Hardly any of the guests would have believed the harp to have this sound power, again and again contrasted with pearling sound clouds. And so the enthusiastic audience asked three more encores. The romance from early to late was the focus of the second part. This music was created specifically for the possibilities of the modern concert harp and offered an even greater variety of sound impressions, technical finesse and virtuosity…”
Usinger Anzeiger

“…Olja Kaiser has now with the greatest security many new fans at her side… “

“… invitation to fire dance … The artist explored Albeníz glowing sonic language, his flickering rhythms and the cheerful dancing all around…”
Stolberger Nachrichten

“… she bribed with her performance … with brilliant technique and a lot of dedication while playing …”
Dithmarscher Landeszeitung

“… One of the highlights here was certainly the concert with harp and vocals by Olja Kaiser and Patrick Simper, who knew from the first note how to create an almost mystical atmosphere amidst the many works of art …”
Grötzingen cultural mile